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What You NEED for Memorial Day

Hello hello and happy (early) Memorial Day to all. A day of remembrance and gratitude, of family and friends, and of drinking outside. And as of now, it’s supposed to be a cool 72 degrees come Monday with clear skies (knock on wood). So you have the outdoor part down, there’s no reason NOT be outside, which means all you need is beer. We have beer. We have great beer, actually. Let us do the recommending, you guys focus on the drinking.

So you obviously knew Smirnoff’s Red White and Berry was going to make an appearance. It’s literally the most patriotic drink ever, second only to Mountain Dew’s Dew-S-A. We have Red White and Berry in bottles, cans, and this fun little zero sugar seltzer for our healthy kings and queens out there. While we’re on the topic of wine coolers, I’m also going to recommend Seagram’s Italian Ice, but definitely try mixing all three flavors together, trust me.

So now onto seltzers. Very refreshing, very tasty, we’ve BEEN knowing this. SO obviously every company ever came out with their own 300 variations. But right now, we recommend Truly Punch. First of all, lets take a moment to appreciate the packaging. The cans are so funky fresh. Taste is fruity without being overly sweet. Only lightly carbonated so you don’t have to worry about being gassy all day. Win win for all. Gordon Ramsay also came out with a line of seltzers recently which we are all absolutely obsessed with. Every flavor it tells you you’re supposed to taste, you taste. I mean, I wouldn’t expect anything less from him, but now I’m questioning when Guy Fieri is going to inevitably drop his own line of seltzers.

And finally, we have beer. We’re starting off with beers meant for drinking over a long period of time. SO obviously Founders All Day IPA. It’s literally in the name. We just got in a seasonal watermelon beer from Southern Tier called Nice Slice which looks extremely refreshing. I recently tasted Rhinegeists Sunspun Shandy and it tasted like summer in can. And now, since we’re speaking of summer and shandy, we also recommend Leinenkugels Summer Shandy, for obvious reasons. Block House, a local brewery, also came out with a ruby-red grapefruit beer that is super crisp and not too heavy. Def something that will compliment the sunshine extremely well.

So this Memorial Day, stop on in for anything you’re craving, we’ll be here from 9-5. And spend the rest of the day remembering and honoring our fallen heroes.