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Seltzers, The New Big Thing

What started out as a style dominated by White Claw and Truly, and consumed mainly by younger groups, has quickly grown to have hundreds of different options from countless breweries and becoma fan favorite for people of all ages.

Setlzer’s extremely quick rise in popularity is surely thanks to its low calorie count and many organic options that make it a great option for the consumer who still likes to have a drink, but without the large amount of calories that can easily come with a heavier ale or lager

If you’re skeptical to join the new wave of hard seltzer drinkers; at this point it can almost be guranteed the brewer of your favorite beer has a seltzer alternative just waiting to be tried. Whether it be the Organic Michelob Ultra Seltzer, or Bud Light Seltzer, or the higher alcohol Pabst Blue Ribbon seltzer, theres always a spot for you in the Hard Seltzer community.

Even so far in 2021 (1/28) even more breweries have joined in on the trend and released Hard Seltzer such as Michelob Ultra and Mikes Hard Lemonade, and who knows how many from smaller craft breweries with more sure to come out as the Spring and Summer approach.